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Apex Brewing Mixed Pack

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Enjoy 4 different beers shipped over from the master in Sweden, Apex Brewing.

The Green Room DIPA 8.0% - Apex x Overtone
"Loaded with the juiciest Strata, Galaxy and Motueka hops we could source over a malt backbone of Golden Promise and a big (30%) load of oats. It’s pretty damn awesome if we may say so ourselves”.

 Hops: Strata, Galaxy & Motueka


Asmodeus DIPA 8.0% 

“This DIPA is the G.O.A.T. Literally. A trve A.B.C tour de force and so damn metal we’re afraid it will rust. It’s a liquid blast beat to your palette with ungodly amounts of Colvmbvs, Vic Secret and Mosaic hops over a smooth oats- and wheat-heavy malt bill. Horns up metalheads!"

Hops: Columbus, Mosaic & Vic Secret

Single Hop DIPA 8.0%
“Our flagship IPA DIPA, the original that has been with us since the start (well, it had a short hiatus), is an oats-heavy Citra hops tour de force. An exercise in excess with copious amounts of Citra - and Citra hops only - both on the hot side and the dry hop additions and then fermented with the notorious London Fog yeast strain for extra fruitiness. Ready your face hole for a magnum opus of citrus, grapefruit, lime and assorted tropical fruits”.

Hops: Citra Incognito, Citra T90 & Citra Cryo.

Acme IPA 6.5%
”This formidable 6.5% hazy hop hog was positively loaded with a massive amount of fresh Australian Vic Secret hops on the hot side and then extravagantly dry hopped with liberal doses of both Citra and Mosaic. The result is a symphony of ripe mango, bright citrus, stone fruits and juicy pineapple, layered on a sweet pillowy base of finest Extra Pale Maris Otter malt and a towering abundance of naked oats and unmalted wheat. Prepare for a lupulin-laden piggyback ride of tropical flavors”.

Hops: Vic Secret, Mosaic & Citra