Stout Pack with Glass

Stout Pack with Glass



COOKIE MAGIC 6.5% Cookie Stout

A sweet stout brewed with biscuit malt and caramalt for a strong base flavour of caramel and biscuit. Then we added some cacao and vanilla pods for a trip down cookie lane.


MAPLE NUTTER 12.0% Imperial Stout 

Dark roasted malts and peanut butter provides a strong nutty aroma in this imperial stout. Warm up your taste buds with the flavour of creamy peanut butter on a buttery biscuit base and a hint of saltiness. Then finish with a long sticky mouthful of maple syrup. Delightful


BIG JOE 11.0% Imperial Breakfast Stout

Pancakes smothered in maple syrup, a side of bacon and a cup of Columbian coffee to wash it all down. Big Joe is exactly that. A BIG Imperial pancake breakfast stout.


SMOKEY JOE 11.1% BA Imperial Breakfast Stout

One of our favourite stouts “Big Joe” brewed with smoked malts, Columbian coffee and maple syrup, but it’s done some time ageing deliciously in Big Peat barrels, a marriage of Islay Single Malts from Douglas Laing. The barrels impart sweet tar notes and intensify the smokiness with a lingering phenolic finish.


Includes a branded Overtone 27cl glass perfect for drinking stouts