Mixed Session IPA Pack

Mixed Session IPA Pack


2 x Swally 5.0% Pale Ale

A smooth, easy drinking sessionable pale ale bursting with flavour. Juicy grapefruit, lemon and sweet orange flavours with hints of berries.


2 x Third Session 4.7% Session IPA

An easy drinking session IPA with a smooth, malty backbone. Fresh, tropical aromas with some undertones of resin and citrus fruits on the tongue, enjoyed by a slight spice at the end. 


2 x Wee Westie 5.5% West Coast IPA

A traditional West Coast IPA brewed with the best bittering hops for the task. Crystal gold in colour with huge resiny and citrus aromas. An immediate mouthful of bitterness followed by a long-lasting taste of citrus, spice and pine.