About Overtone

Inspired by the culture of music, Overtone aims to bring people together, incite conversation and make memories through the enjoyment of craft beer.  

Brewing in Glasgow since 2018, Overtone have quickly established themselves across Scotland by encouraging a new thirst for New England style IPAs. Despite new releases every week, it’s the high standard and consistency that’s got the craft beer scene talking. From experimental hop combinations to exciting fruited sour blends, Overtone are showing no signs of slowing down. 

The Brewers

The head brewer Dan Miller, all the way from New Hampshire - brings with him a knowledge of American style beers. This has allowed us to consistently produce aware winning New England IPAs that loved by craft beer fans nationwide. Charlie, the assistant brewer, also comes with an array of talents, previously brewing for a local Scottish brewery and being an avid home brewer.