Meet the Head Brewer

Name: Dan Miller

Flying in from New Hampshire, USA, Dan is the man who doesn't like to play favourites.  He's been with Overtone Brewing since day 1 and thanks to Bowei's perfectionism and Dan's eager to learn, train and develop, we've landed ourselves with something good. 

Where did he learn to brew?

Although he's from New England and worked for small breweries in NYC, Oxford and Scotland, he's mostly self taught through years of homebrewing and learning. NEIPAs are one of the hardest beers to make but through his persistence and constant will to improve recipes, he's definitely nailed them..

Favourite style of beer to brew:

"I don't have one, I just love the entire process of making beer. The smells... the wort...

Favourite hop:

"I don't specifically have one but El Dorado and Nelson are great! Oh and Eureka"

Favourite Overtone beer:

"Opaque Dankness was definitely up there, and Third Session which is definitely under-rated. Oh and there's Tribute, Ooft!, Yaldi, they're all bloody great. El D was prime too. Okay, Opaque Dankness" 

Favourite beer of all time:

"I don't rate beers, I just love them!"