Name: Charlie Irving 

Joining the team in January 2020, Charlie has been our uprising star after quickly learning the styles and secrets of Overtone.

Where did he learn to brew?

Originally Charlie started homebrewing for fun but managed to turn his hobby on to the big kits when he went to work for a Scottish brewery. Fortunately for us he dug our beer and wanted to come work with us. 

Favourite style of beer to brew:

"The things I like to drink" Charlie proceeds to list every single beer style...

Favourite hop:

" I definitely love to Galaxy. Ekuanot, Citra and Simcoe are all pretty good just now too"

Favourite Overtone beer to make:

"I loved making Ooft! because that was the first time I got to use incognito" (a concentration of hops)

Favourite beer of all time:

"I really like Verdant beers but I have tried any of their new ones from the bigger kits"