Founded in Summer 2018, Overtone Brewing Co. are progressively making a difference in the Scottish Craft beer scene and are being recognised globally, now exporting to 12 markets around the world.

Our adventure started with Bowei Wang, who's passion and hobby of home brewing led to the determination of owning his own brewery. He knows the influence great craft beer has when shared with friends, and that's exactly what we want Overtone to be.


The head brewer Dan Miller, all the way from New Hampshire - brings with him a knowledge of American style beers. This has allowed us to consistently produce aware winning New England IPAs that loved by craft beer fans nationwide. Charlie, the assistant brewer, also comes with an array of talents, previously brewing for a local Scottish brewery and being an avid home brewer



With the aim of ensuring customers enjoy our beer as fresh as possible, Overtone are a fully fluid brewery meaning we keep brewing new beers every month. Using nothing more than high quality hops, yeast, and malt, they still manage to create all-natural, unfiltered, and unfined beers bursting with flavour.

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We love our mothership and we kind of want to be here a long time, that's why we're making sure we do our bit to help out. All of our packaging is recyclable, we use KeyKeg for our draught beer, the most environmentally friendly one-way keg. We give all of our used malt to the local farmer and our used cardboard boxes go to worm farms who break them down into compost. We carbonate our beers naturally and they're all unfiltered, unfined and vegan friendly (unless we've added lactose).  If you have any other suggestions about what else we can do feel free to get in touch! We're happy to make changes for a more sustainable business.